Winterhaven, aka. Keep on the Borderland

Hard under the Cairngorms at the west end of the Nentir Vale lies the remote town of Winterhaven. Like Fallcrest, Winterhaven is a small town surrounded by a few miles of farmland and pastures.

The rutted King’s Road leads to the foot of a broad hill that holds the walled village of Winterhaven. The village is nestled in the southern foothills of the Cairngorm Peaks. The walls are weathered stone topped by defensive palisades. Small thatched homes stand around Winterhaven, each fronting a small piece of farmland or pasture. Beyond the farms to the west and south lie dark woods, and to the north, tall mountain peaks.

Recent History/Adventures

Our adventurers have performed many quests for Winterhaven including

Investigating Gardmore Abbey
Ending the Orc Menace and Finding Kalekson’s Stones
Become ‘Knights of Winterhaven’


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