Camp Lozian

Camp Lozian

Long ago an ancient race of dweomer-rich people who called themselves the Riphariel inhabited the lands near the shores of the Wailing Sea. Although they no longer survive, their legacy of magic and dark secrets still lies buried beneath the ruins of their long-gone civilization.

Recently, scavengers picking through the ruins of the lost city of Ercha have stumbled upon several valuable treasures opening the floodgates for eager treasure hunters. An outpost known as Camp Lozian has become the staging ground for these loot seekers.

The camp sits about a half mile northwest of the ruins along the banks of Lozian Stream. Fresh water from the mountains to the west flows down to Lozian Pond, with Lozian Stream running from there down to the sea. Large stream fish can be found lazing in the pools of this slow-running waterway during most months of the year.

The camp has expanded from Captain Windmere’s expedition campsite to a couple dozen ramshackle buildings crowding a rough, muddy thoroughfare running north/south connecting the road to Hammerfast with the rough road leading to what remains of Ercha.

Places of Interest

The Rusty Pickaxe
Lozian Grand Saloon
Lozian’s Finest Provisions
Bath Houses
Earle’s Blacksmithy
Virtue in Arms Armory

Notable Residents

Harrington – Rusty Pickaxe owner
Josep – Bartender, Rusty Pickaxe
Jute – Maid at the Rusty Pickaxe
Dillam – Bartender at the Grand Saloon
Kalzi – Merchant and Businessman
Dordar Kalzi’s associate
Grant Martell – Owner of Lozian’s Grand Saloon, and Lozian’s Finest Provisions
Captain Windmere – Discoverer of Ercha Ruins
Grumpy Garr – Currently owns and is working a claim in the Ercha Ruins

Camp Lozian

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