Tag: People


  • Dordar

    Dordar, son of Dormar, is a traveling merchant partnered with [[Kalzi]]. He was recently wounded during a struggle with Bandits as his group was robbed along the [[King's Road]] in the [[Nentir Vale]]. During this fight he suffered several small …

  • Kalzi

    Kalzi is a tall, thin, mustachioed merchant. He recently was robbed by bandits along the [[King's Road]] in [[Nentir Vale]] while travelling west towards [[Winterhaven]].

  • Grant Martell

    An older, dapper man, gentlemanly in appearance right down to his well appointed vestments, thick, well-kept hair, and thick grey, finely trimmed mustache. He owns and operates several taverns, storefronts and businesses in [[Camp Lozian]], including [[ …

  • Uhl Harrington

    Owner of the [[The Rusty Pickaxe]] Saloon. A tough, rough guy with glasses, dark black hair and a thick mustache. Walks with a bit of a limp when it's cold and rainy. Employees include [[Indal Annah]]

  • Indal Annah

    Works at the [[The Rusty Pickaxe]] for [[Uhl Harrington]]. Dark complexion, dark eyes. A bit exotic looking. Small in stature, but quick. Dresses in an oriental fashion, and carries 2 sharp looking daggers.

  • Jacob Blackheart

    Jacob Blackheart is a young adventurer and newcomer to [[Camp Lozian]]. His dark hair and features, coupled with his tall and lean body make him stand out in the taverns of Lozian amongst the grizzled old grey and balding miners. After making some …

  • Domasto Marde

    Believed to be the leader of the [[Emerald Blade Trading Company]], Domasto Marde, is a strong, lean man with a neatly kempt beard, and intense green eyes. He can be seen wearing a brace of hunting knives over his emerald green tunic, with a pair of …