Riphariel's Legacy

Yet Another Vile Pit of Darkness

Fun at the bottom of a pit

We left off with the group split, broken, and bleeding. There were no conscious strikers in the chamber, and the healer not able to gain entry to the room due to a large bronze sentinel blocking the doorway. Ahkse is unconscious atop a tall ledge, and there’s a razor sharp needle hedge in between him and much of the party anyway. To say things don’t look good is an understatement. Of course, you never want to count this group out until every last party member is dead (ie. not until all of their corpses have been dropped down a well)… Immediately starting off the abbreviated session, Offda wades through the sea of obstacles (including a very pointy hedge which basically mauls him) and heals Ahkse from below. Clerical and Zwikt still can’t get into the room and have to do a little dance to try and help out from the hallway. A suddenly rejuvenated Ahkse cleaves the two east ledge archers and somehow manages not to attempt a flying, jumping, and probably splatting maneuver in order to try to charge the other archers across the way.

It doesn’t take long for the party to then kill the blocking sentinel and allow Zwikt and Clerical to join in on the fun. And by fun, we’re certainly not talking about the sentinels Mind Lock aura, which is described as " definitely more annoying than fun". Not wasting any more time, Zwikt teleports up to the top of the west ledge and starts gouging the adjacent archers. Crit decides that’s the cool place to be and climbs up and attacks from side of ledge in a daring gambit which she may regret. The inanimate hedge almost kills Clerical who stepped into the room for a brief moment. Seriously, he almost died. From a hedge. A fucking hedge. It almost killed him. You can’t make this shit up.

Zwikt being Zwikt, he starts flying all over the place, stabbing, mantis clawing, chittering, et cetera. Despite his near death experience with the room’s shrub, Clerical keeps everyone healed up right nice. The final guardian falls, and there was much rejoicing. FTW!

After a brief rest, our heroes enter what can only be described as “yet another vile pit of darkness” room (YAVPoD). First and foremost, the group notices more archer statues across a yawning pit which they assume is filled with acid, spikes, razor hedges, or probably all three. And fire. Probably splinters and papercuts for good measure. The only apparent way to the other side is a set of large chains just like in the Acid Pit of Death Room (APoD). Realizing the jumping distance is not insurmountable, Maurice, Crit, and Ahkse take the leap, with Maurice and Ahkse making it to the other side, and Crit making it to the bottom of the pit without much trouble. To make matters worse, some of the chains are not inanimate, but rather living, pummeling creatures. Naturally, they swing from side to side of the pit without issue, wrap up and immobilize the party, and basically smash and drop people into the pit. Oh joy. And the archers don’t mind shooting at anyone, grabbed or not grabbed. The party is in yet another pickle, with many grabbed and dangling over the YAVPoD. Luckily Maurice hollers “Get Over Here!” to the chains and pulls all the chains to himself, breaking the grabs that they had on the rest of the party who are able to fall gently to safety on one of the ledges.

Will Crit survive the trials at the bottom of the YAVPoD? Will Ahkse somehow charge across the chains recklessly? Will Clerical enter the room? Tune in next time to find out!!!

So ends this chapter.



insipidutopian insipidutopian

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